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Fluffy softener SL-2303

Uses: Softener for all types of fibers, especially for shirts, blouses and dresses, men outerwear, closed off clothing, woven and knitted pajamas.
Composition: Chemical composition of amino derivatives of fatty acids
Nature: Physical Form: Light yellow or white soft beads Ion: cationic pH value: 3.5 - 55 specific gravity: about 1 g/cm3 (20 ° C) 
Stability: fluffy softener SL-2303 is not sensitive to the electrolyte, the stability of the weak acid toxicity / environmental protection: storage, transport and use of this product should comply with the general safety requirements for chemical storage hygiene, non swallow. 
Compatibility: fluffy softener SL-2303 is compatible with nonionic and cationic additives to be pre-tested.
Feature Benefit
Plump and supple feel Plump and supple texture gives the fabric
Minimum temperature yellowing Let the fabric and clothing to get high whiteness or color shade cloth minimal changes
Almost no increase stain resistance Help reduce the production of defective products, while allowing the process to keep wearing the clothing line is gorgeous
The catalyst for the resin finishing hard and wash and wear those used in stable Flexible processing line
For exhaustion method has high Exhaustion High efficiency, low water pollution, even in a large bath ratio
Electrolyte stability Can be used for resin finishing system
Application: Padding 5-50 g / L Fluffy softener SL-2303 
0.5-5% absorption dip method fluffy softener SL-2303 
pH 5.0-5.5 (adjusted by acetic acid), 40 ° C x 20 minutes, and dehydration, washing without drying direct 110-130 ° C
Storage: Storage stability: stable for 2 years at 20 ° C in a sealed container. 0 ° C to 40 ° C above the following sensitive packaging: 50/100kg type tank
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