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Amino silicone oil 80%

Uses: Amino silicone oil is used for high concentration of 80% cellulose fiber fabric softener, chemical fiber and blended fabric, fabric can be given a soft, smooth and elastic feel.
Composition: Polyorganosiloxane
Nature: Appearance: colorless to blue light transparent liquid Ion: weak cation 
pH of 6-6.5 Solubility: easy Fu in water
Features: Can give the fabric a soft feel, plump resilience. 
To improve and extend the fabric resilience, enhance the fabric of the sewing. 
Permanent softening agent, resistant to wet and dry cleaning resistance; may be used simultaneously with the resin.
Application: Impregnation method (the amount depending on the texture may be) 
Silicone oil 0.2-1.0% (owf) pH value of 5-6, temperature 20 ° C-40 ° C bath ratio 8: 1-10: 1, time 20-30 minutes padding silicone-8g / L pH values ​​of 5-6 Cold or 40 ℃ may, after rolling, drying, curing. 
For resin finishing at low formaldehyde resin finishing, can be used together with other Finishing auxiliary, but before the first test using the best compatibility. 
A low wake resin 30-80 g / L of catalyst 5-15 g / L silicone oil 1-5 g / nl 
Padding (rolling over rate of 70-90% → → Pre-bake baking (160-180 ° C ,3-1 .5 min)
Note: 1 in the soft processing, should ensure that the treatment bath with acidic (pH approximately 5.5), and the fabric should be neutral or slightly acidic, in order to maximize effectiveness and stability of the product. 
(2) In the process of fabric dyeing machinery and other alkaline substances with non-electrolytes and surfactants, be sure to clean soft finish in front, to avoid stains and so on. 
3 and other additives must be mixed before use to check their compatibility, stability of the emulsion.
Storage: The product 50/100kg plastic pail, Uchimura film bag. 
This product is non-toxic non-flammable non-explosive chemicals in general, at temperatures below 35 ° C storage conditions, the shelf life of six months. 
Freezing cold, please thawed at room temperature and stir well before using.
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