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Nano Fixative ECO

Uses: Cotton fabrics can improve the wet fastness, especially in the wet rubbing fastness and fastness to heat soak stains. 
With acidic fixative constitute double solid nylon fabric craft, very effective progress to improve dark or ultra-fine nylon fabric and feel of the wet fastness. 
Can significantly improve the perspiration wool fabrics and other temperature fastness.
Composition: Multi-cavity type polymer sets of objects
Nature: Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid pH: about 8 (solution) Ion: cationic
Features: Nano-fixing agent selected value-added features environmentally friendly than the previous non-formaldehyde fixative better performance, but also has the obvious effect of removing the floating color, to further ensure soaping. 
After using nano solid color, fabric under acidic (sour sweat) condition or heat fastness still high alkaline conditions: under alkali conditions such as boiling water, the fabric fastness portion does not easily fade. 
On printed fabrics, with a swimming-shift effect is obvious to prevent dye after 
Bluish shade after use, can be directly used blue fabric needs repair color processing.
Application: Fixative ECO impregnation process nanometer 1-3% OWF 35-45 ° Cx 30 分钟 padding process nano fixative ECO 30-60g / L. pH = 5 
Color after dyeing cloth (pH value ≤ 7) → Second Baptist Second rolling (working fluid temperature 20-25 ° C, mangle things 70% ~ 80010) → drying (100 - 120 ° C) → baking is better .
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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