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Defixative agent DSA

Uses: After fixing for the fabric, color or stripping needed repair, an effective removal of fixative additives on the fabric, add fabric in addition to solid-treated cloth clean, colorless live, colorless flowers, colorless points, features extremely obvious, and effectively reduce the intensity of elastic fabric damage.
Composition: Pro-dye polymer polymer units
Performance: Appearance: colorless transparent liquid pH: about 8 (1% solution) 
Ionic: Anionic Solid content: 33 ± 2%
Features: Fixing the toner can be effectively removed the fabric, and in addition preventing back down the dip fixative effect on the fabric. 
Can effectively remove stubborn mildew spot on the long home yellow fabric, gray mildew points, in addition to having effectively prevent stains down the back stick on fabric effect.
Application: In addition to solid formulations 
In addition to State agents DAS 3 g / L
Soda ash 2 g / L
Process requirements 90 ° C x 40 分钟
Stripping prescription:
Burn shout 3 g / L
Hydrosulfite 6 g / L
Process requirements 90 ° C x 40 分钟
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets, plastic bags inside the village, a barrel 50/125kg. 
Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months
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