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Fluorescent brightener for Cotton and and stripping agent of reactive dye KWC

Uses: Cotton dyed with fluorescent brightener matter of stripping cotton with reactive dyes matter of stripping
Nature: Appearance: white granules pH: about 6.5 (1% solution) Ion: anionic
Features: Fluorescent brightener stripping stripping characteristics fluorescent brighteners hard before stripping method always remaining part of the fabric dyed fluorescent brighteners deposit. Use stripping agent after stripping, no residue on the fabric dyed fluorescent whitening phenomenon can be confirmed using standard UV light box. 
Reactive Dyes Reactive Dyes stripping stripping characteristics, using an hydrosulfite reduction stripping, stripping is not clean but some varieties, especially turquoise blue, but after re-dyed shade change wilt, even if it is difficult to use sodium hypochlorite stripping stripping net . Use stripping agent after stripping, stripping even the turquoise can clean and re-staining unaffected, color fastness unaffected
Application: Use stripping agent 2-5% OWF 95-98 ° Cx 30 minutes to remove chlorine: Na 2 S 2 0 3 2g / L Bath ratio 1: 15 60 ° C × 15 min washed clean.
Note: Stripping stripping agent oxidizing agent is prohibited and reductant with the bath. Stripping and then dye fixing agent has on things, such as cationic softener substances under the influence of a certain residual situations. Want our customers to be confirmed prior to use and then the dyed color fastness. 
Cotton / ammonia (C / Pu) can not be used on the fabric, spandex elastic ring expansion will even dissolve.
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packing: 25kg bags
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