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Foam-free soaping agent DS

Uses: Improve the quality of textile wet processing and improve reactive dyeing and printing with soap, lotion on the reproducibility of cellulose fibers
Composition: Polyacrylic acid sodium salt
Nature: Appearance: Light brown liquid pH: 7.5 (5% aqueous solution) 
Water solubility: no foam, easily soluble in water Ionic: Anionic Stability: consultations water and the bath pH 4-12 stability
Features: Efficient dispersion, to prevent the precipitation of hardness salts and greatly improve the stability of the bath. 
No dye sensitive to metal ions to promote uniform distribution of the dye bath, does not affect the shade of dyed or printed fabrics, dyes significantly improved reproducibility, so that part of the dye is more brilliant. 
Promote the dissolution of reactive dyes in water base product, to prevent degradation of the dye has been redeposited. 
Biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-toxic to aquatic organisms, harmless. Low-viscosity liquid, easy to use, can dissolve in water in any proportion.
Application: Proposed reference usage and treatment processes: 
Reactive dyeing, washing after printing: 1-3 g / L 95 ° C x 20 分钟
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets lined with plastic barrel 50/125kg. 
Shelf life: 20 ° C container can be stable for at least a year, the product can not be stored at temperatures above 40 ° C, -5 ° C will be solidified, but the heating completely restore the original state.
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