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H smoothening agent PS-35

Uses: Wool and nylon blend and pH control textile dyeing processing time for each processing stage almost all dyes or high boiling point of each chamber Lou dyeing equipment is recommended under the conditions required for any pH from acidic to move chromosomes of slip system, thus ensuring optimum lifting force and leveling can be used for exhaust dyeing carpet.
Composition: Chemical composition: Preparation of methyl formate product
Nature: Physical form: colorless transparent liquid Ion: nonionic pH: 6.5-7 (5% solution) Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.0 (20C) 
General stability: an amount of hard water and acid, alkali and electrolyte is very stable compatibility: with anionic, amphoteric and non-ionic products with the use of toxic / environmental protection when used correctly: storage, operation and use of the product shall comply with the chemical general hygiene product storage and transportation safety regulations.Can not swallow.
Feature Benefit
DH gradual decline with increasing temperature Consistent with the dye and dye levelness in order to gain the best reproducible surface leveling, promote full, controlled dye is absorbed, thus ensuring optimum inter-batch dyeing reproducibility
pH from acidic pH 7 down to the desired Most common dyes can be used for dyeing pH smoothening agent in order to prevent excessive dye reaches exhaustion, and even with a high affinity for dye dyed nylon fibers, colored fabric may minimize the risk of uneven dyeing
Efficient With less, reducing stocking costs
No extra addition of acid or base to adjust the PH general Safe and convenient cross-examination only using a pH meter pH effect on product introduction at the beginning of the slide
Promote the effectiveness leveler leveling Better physical coverage of reproducible flower
Excellent storage stability Minimize the risk of uneven dye (no pH fluctuations)
Does not affect the same sun fastness, wet fastness and rubbing fastness of dyed with all UV absorbers help Jing and compatibility Nylon fabric can be used for value-added automotive
No bubble Suitable for jet dyeing machine
Application: Dip dyeing process at the beginning of the upcoming smoothening agent added to the dye bath. 
Dissolved / diluted before the dye is added after adding additives to smoothening agent is added directly to the dye bath, smoothening agent easily diluted with cold water. 
Dosage amount of various factors (such as dye with halo, pH and water hardness, adding additives, textile processing, and the bath pH value ratio) nylon recommended test in advance before use. 
The amount is usually in the range of the circle as follows: 0.25 - 20 g / L 
Bath ratio is less than 1: 8:00, the same amount of weight but must be woven 0.25 - 2.0%. 
When the amount of smoothening agent of all kinds of dyes on nylon
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