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Chelating Dispersant SL-206

Uses: Is a highly versatile chelating bulk Dispersant, for most textile processing temperature.
Composition: Polymer surfactant complex matter
Nature: Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid ionic Tsui: blocking ion Solubility: soluble in cold water
Features: For insolubles or inorganic salts have excellent dispersion feature that prevents re-attachment fibers. 
Calcium, magnesium and chelated metal ions have excellent shielding effect and dispersion. 
Can be dyed to enhance the rate and prevent wilt dark color, color change and improve the levelness and vividness, increasing friction fastness. 
The cotton used in refining, can improve the whiteness, improved feel and prevent hydrophobic fibers. 
For the bleaching process water glass, and also prevent silicate deposition and adhesion can be improved fiber texture, improve the whiteness and capillary effect. 
When polyester base reduction process to prevent reattachment oligomers. 
Deposit desizing process can promote the expansion and dispersion of starch hydrolyzed dye shaking. 
When applied to metal-containing dyes, the use of EDTA will change the hue and dye uptake.
Application: Desizing process of 0.5-1.5 g / L.. After desizing added in section, in the washing can be more easily hydrolyzed slurry was sufficiently washed, so that after the process easier. 
Scouring, bleaching or dyeing processes 1-2 g / L. 
Soap M. step: 1 g / L. Dyes can be used with soap lotion to prevent re-dyed.
Storage: Shelf life: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50 / door 125kg plastic drum
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