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Alternative alkali (liquid) SA-200

Uses: SA200 is a kind of alternative alkali process optimization agent, the county has a liquid base functions and buffered her fruit; tongue SUI dye dyeing of cellulosic fibers and textiles I Kunming, the alternative alkali SA-200 can be controlled to provide synchronization on dyeing and fixation.
Composition: Synergistic mixture of alkali buffer
Performance: Appearance: colorless, transparent, low viscosity liquid pH: about 14 (5%) 
Gravity: Approximately 13 (20 ° C) the general stability: the concentration of electrolytes commonly disseminated stability Compatibility: can play anionic and nonionic products and the use of eco / toxicity: storage of the product, carrying, use the rules to comply with the chemical
Feature Benefit
Buffer medium Promoting dyeing dye controlled synchronization, especially for pH-sensitive
Good levelness Improve the synchronization of various types of dyes dye combinations, including small bath ratio or fabric dyeing, the dyeing can reduce the speed, but it does not affect the color yield.
Liquid state Easy to use, to avoid breakage bags, dust-blocking pipes and other issues, to facilitate warehouse management.
No bubble Improve the levelness
Powerful and efficient Even if the production equipment can be used for different dyeing dyeing ensure a hit rate (emphasis on good)
Save time Without wasting time to dissolve powdered alkali products
Application: Dissolved / diluted alternative alkali SA-200 is available in cold water or warm water after stirring added to the dye bath. 
SA-200 substitute the alkali amount in the range as follows:
Exhaustion method: Bath ratio: is equal to or greater than 1: 8 2.5-65 g / L 
Bath ratio: less than 1: 8 2.5 - 65% 
Proposed Bath ratio: 1: 8% or less in total amount equal to or greater than 1: the amount to 8:00 g / L total Note: It is strongly recommended that the laboratory experiment to confirm in advance the optimum amount of salt amount parameters
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets lined with plastic barrel 50/125kg. 
20 ° C tight container can be stored for a year, can not be stored above 60 ° C or below 0 ° C, such as clotting can be thawed before use.
See corresponding dye color card:
Reactive Dyes Remark
% Dye g / L alternative alkali SA-200 Alternative alkali SA-200 at 200ppm range of internal hard water stable
<0.50 2.50
0.50 2.75
1.00 3.00
1.50 3.50
2.00 3.50 No additional alkali when using alternative alkali SA-200
2.50 4.50
3.00 4.50
3.50 5.00
4.00 5.50 For extremely high concentrations of dye (such as black) era SA-200 with a base amount of the need to increase, it is strongly recommended that pre-experiments in the laboratory to determine the best dosage
4.50 6.00
5.00 6.50
5.50 6.50
6.00 6.50
7.00 6.50
8.00 6.50
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