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Alternative base (solid) SL-204

Uses: Is a suitable alternative alkali reactive dyes cotton fabric dyeing fixing alkali, alkaline by a variety of complex sets of objects made of mesh E, Yin traditional dyeing process optimization soda is an ideal base agent, alkaline medium, strong buffering capacity, only one tenth the amount of soda. 
In the dyeing process can effectively control the synchronization of the dye, the same effect with soda ash, but its dyeing levelness, color fastness, color yield bright colors, the applicability of the operation are more soda is superior.
Composition: Chemical composition: multiple sets of active alkaline substance
Nature: Appearance: white powder pH: alkaline (10 g / L pH value of 12 ± 0.1) 
Solubility: easily soluble in water Stability: The working fluid electrolyte and negative, non-ionic stable
Features: Excellent value for money, cost savings: with less, only 10% of soda ash. Easy to wash, less water.Because alternative bases with less diffusion resistance, and not deposited in the Oil residues and dyeing equipment and dead ends, so it is easy to clean in, than conventional soda process 1-2 times after transfection save water, save water resources. 
Shorter dyeing time. Alternative bases in the dye when the dark is not necessary to join several times, thus shortening the dyeing process time, saving manpower, electricity, steam, reduce production costs. 
Retarding ability, improve the dyeing quality: more alkaline due to the synergistic effect of sets of objects, the ability to work PH value of control than a single soda ash, which is a strong buffering capacity to ensure a uniform and continuous dyeing dyes, dye control speed, easy for dyeing, and while the dyes to achieve the desired penetration depth. 
Because the alternative bases with less, reducing the concentration of sodium ions in the working fluid, on this point, on the one hand to control the initial dyes dyeing rate, on the other hand to reduce the generation of hydrolysis of dyes and dye aggregates, reduces the color of flowers, color point to the possibility of floating color hard to produce, and improve the fastness of very useful work to ensure execution of stained sections, to ensure the quality of dyed products.
Application: Recommended process
Reactive Dyes X%
Sodium Sulfate 20-95g / L
Leveling agent (or chelating dispersant) 1-5g / L
Alternative alkali 1.5-3g / L
Reference to the amount of saline:
  Coffee Red Cuilan
Dye 6 6 6
Sodium Sulfate 70 75 80
Alternative alkali 3 3 3.5

1 Laboratory duplicate samples craft

Note: Replacement of base material with water, not the best backwater.

Methods of material: 1, the volume of the tank add 2/3 water or back water, stirring the process of gradually pour the powder in eight of alternative alkali tank. 
2, in order to prevent clogging of alternative alkali tank pipelines, alternative alkali strictly prohibited not added directly into the water or low water level of the tank. 
3, found that packaging is damaged or caked in principle, should use alternative bases, the need to replace damaged packaging products for use grid station.
Storage: Built-2KG 5KG plastic bucket or pouch packaging, do not scale materials, direct access, to ensure accurate and convenient reclaimer stable traits, less storage, easy storage management. 
Packing Storage: 25kg carton packaging, dry environment at room temperature can be placed more than six months.
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