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Process optimization agent AB-55

Uses: Dyeing of cellulosic fibers with reactive dyes in the process, process optimization agent buffering effect to ensure reproducible staining, and increase the rate of dye uptake. 
Difficult to apply stain, such as: cobalt blue or blue to help the huge structure type dye staining and dyeing mercerized cotton viscose or so. Ensure that no premature solid color, to effectively improve leveling. 
Can be used and after dyeing, soaping, including the final rinse the fabrics and, to achieve the requirements Oeko-Tex Standard100 dyeing fibers may also be used in any of about pH 5.5
Composition: Chemical composition: carboxylic acid derivatives
Nature: Physical Form: Clear pale yellow liquid Ion: anionic 
pH: approximately five (5% solution) Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.3 (20 ° C) 
General stability: in general the amount of hard water and acid, alkali, and electrolyte stability Compatibility: Can the use of toxic / environmental protection with non-ionic and anionic substances: storage, operation and use of the product shall comply with the chemical storage - The ship health and safety regulations. Can not swallow sleep.
Feature Benefit
Good buffering capacity Improve the hit rate of dyeing time and cost savings
Without pH correction When electrolyte is added to the dye bath pH of no change or other materials (not including the addition of acid, alkali), or water impurities in the fiber has no effect on pH value
No additional add acid to adjust the pH Safe and convenient
No bubble Used injection equipment
Phosphate-free Compliance with environmental requirements Oeko-Tex 100
Application: (High temperature) exhaust dyeing agent is added to the beginning of the upcoming process optimization dye bath. 
Dissolution / dilution process optimization agent can be diluted with water in any proportion, to be forthcoming before the dye is added to join the dye bath.
Dosage: Process optimization agent AB-55 is a dyeing process optimization agent, a buffer function, when used without the addition of acid. 
The amount of conditions (such as the amount of dye, water, fabric, salt, bath ratio and adding additives, etc.) may be, the amount is generally within the following range: 
Rapid reactive dyes and disperse dyeing PES / CO 
Bath ratio is equal to or greater than 1: 8 3.0 - 4.0g / L 
Bath ratio of less than 1: 8 3.0 - 4.0% 
Dyeing the cellulose reactive dye bath ratio of the fiber is equal to or greater than 1:8 0.5-1.5 g / l 
Bath ratio of less than 1: 8 0.5 - 1.5% 
Pre-test is recommended prior to use to confirm the specific amount.
Note: Process optimization is not recommended for wool or nylon dyeing agent
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets lined with plastic barrel 50/125kg. 
Kept closed containers can be stored for at least a year, not cold and heat affected when 20 ° C: Storage Stability
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