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Bright blue leveler SL-202

Uses: Hard water with a chelating substance and protective colloid dispersion effect, is an excellent Dyeing auxiliary.
Composition: Special polymers
Nature: Appearance: yellow to brown liquid Ion: Negative 
pH: about 8 (1% solution) Stability: acids, bases, oxidants and electrolytes are stable Solubility: soluble in water, miscible with a variety of dyes and auxiliaries good
Features: Increase the solubility of the dye-free surfactant effect, so almost no foam, no affinity for anionic dyes precipitate prevent hard water build-up, silicon crystallization and other impurities, has excellent dispersion of metal ion complexation milder, not Extraction of metal complexation of copper, chromium and other complex ions contained in the dye, and thus will not affect the color and fastness of the dye-containing complex metal
Application: Placed in a dye bath 0.5-1.5g / L of the product, particularly in the high-salt-containing dye bath, the dye dispersion can be increased, thereby obtaining the average color of the best efficacy, vividness, but also prevention of dye bath Ca 2 +, Mg 2 + ions and other impurities released from the fabric with a dye complex to form a precipitate.
Storage: Then non-dangerous goods transport. 
Polyethylene plastic buckets, shaking plastic bags inside the village, a barrel 50/125KG. 
Storage is in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse; shelf life of 1 year.
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