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Sizing agent DGT-6 of Digital printing reactive ink

Uses: Suitable for reactive dye ink digital printing required for cotton, rayon, linen, silk and cellulose fiber fabric sizing. 
Can guarantee the accuracy of printing, bright color to enhance clarity and good color yield. 
Poly puffing, penetration, anti-seepage of reduction and other features for the - body efficient sizing agent can effectively streamline operations processes, improve work efficiency. 
Soft, de-paste, and easy to clean.
Composition: Ingredients: special polymer sets of objects
Performance: Appearance: yellowish white powder Ion: Anionic PH: alkaline stability: resistance to hard water stable viscosity: ≥ 15000 
Application of the container into the pulp was stirred for about 90% of water, warmed to about 40 ° C, as the water was added 0.5% of sodium hexametaphosphate, and the type of fabric to take the following table of X% of sizing agent is gradually added to a stirred solution of container, stir quickly until the beginning of the slurry particles exist no Chi, adding 1% resist salt S, the amount of added water, stir, can be used to place more than two hours. 
Sizing fabric sizing divided into single-sided sizing and sizing, sizing is through single-sided rotary or flat screen printing or coating machine, magnet or scraper through the pressure of the slurry through the mesh fabric covering the surface evenly . Padding is sided sizing sizing (rolling rate of more than 80% -90%), the slurry is extruded through a mangle to the fabric, controlling the amount of size 70 - 80% is appropriate.
No. Name Alginate DGT-6 Salt S Urea Baking soda
1 Cotton 1% 2% 1.0% 8% 2%
2 Rayon 1% 2% 1.0% 10-20% 2%
3 Silk 1% 2% 1.0% 9% 2.5%
Note: After completion of the pulp on the fabric should be promptly sealed to prevent the absorption of moisture in the air caused by substances such as changes in the proportion of slurry components and deterioration, resulting in spread or color pattern appears deep enough problems when printing. 
After all proofing may have turned a single, or directly with large cargo, urea content of not less than 8%, if the phenomenon of infiltration, improve material with coral set 1-2% until clear. 
Mashing temperature is not wading through 45 ° C, to prevent thermal decomposition of baking soda in advance. 
The amount of sizing agent for reference only, actual test subject may be a small cloth case.
Storage: Debate light sealed packaging can be stored for 12 months: 25 kg carton
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