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Anti-staining soaping agent CRN

Uses: Improve the quality of textile wet processing and improve the reproducibility of the dye shade can be used for reactive dyeing or printing Gravitropism anti-staining soaping in the soaping process, effectively preventing easy staining dye (such as turquoise blue, red , brilliant blue), dip pollution white fabric.
Composition: Chemical composition: sodium salt of polyacrylic acid
Performance: Ion: Anionic Physical Form: liquid milk dichroic 
pH: about 7.5 (5% from liquid) Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.3 (20 ° C) 
General Stability: pH of 4-12 hard and stable bath
Properties Benefit
Substances containing floating color hydrolysis Effective hydrolysis floating color fabric, improve the fabric dry and wet rubbing fastness, soaping reactive dyes can be used to save time, energy, water consumption and sewage costs. Chi soaping process, effectively prevent staining of reactive dyes is easy to re-dye the white color in between.
Mild raw performance Does not affect the fabric shade, color reproducibility with a certain part of the improvement
Phosphate-free Non-toxic to aquatic organisms, harmless
Application: Anti-staining soaping used directly, not recommended dosage dilute Storage: direct use of 1-3g / L, craft stained → cold water washing → → → soaping cold Xian
Storage: Storage stability 20 ° C in a sealed container may be stable for at least one year. 
Packing: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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