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Anti-staining agent SL-206 for white background

Uses: Printing and dyeing enterprises in reactive printing, white, often encounter contamination caused by the problem of declining product level, the product is washed after the advent of reactive printing process to open a door. 
Complexation properties of the composition of a special polymer compound solid content: 38% ± 2 
pH: between 6-8; 
Ion: an anionic solution, non-toxic, character sets environmental requirements;
Application: The product is designed for reactive dyes washing auxiliaries, please add the hot water tank when used (Do not add the soap box), the temperature at around 95 ° C, and 209 do not, soaps and other detergents mixed use to Anti-washing effect of variation; 
Used in amounts of 5-10 g / L, the plant can increase or decrease the amount of additives appropriate to the depth of the printing dyes to achieve optimal washing results;
Storage: The shelf life of one year. 
Packing: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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