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Urea substitute

Uses: Urea is the kind of reactive dyes printing auxiliaries very important, however, the use of urea drought, causing serious water pollution. Urea substitute can be used for reactive dye printing paste, instead of urea, to help dissolve the dye, with excellent color rendering help dye effect.
Composition: Diamine, ammonia, etc.
Nature: Appearance: white milky liquid ionic: non-ionic pH: Neutral
Features: Urea substitute completely dissolved in an aqueous solution with help dye, the color characteristics with excellent compatibility and stability of printed pattern remains the original definition, the changes will not cause printing shade.
Application: The same process can be used in place of the reference amount of urea, urea can be partially replaced, the user can use the original process specimens. The dyes according to the specific process may be. 
Paste 50g
Urea substitute 5-15g
Resist salt 1g
Sodium 2-4g
Reactive Dyes Xg
Add water to 100g
Storage: Store in a cool dry place, sealed shelf life of 12 months Packing: 25kg bags
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