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Coating thickener PTF

Uses: PTF is a high quality paint thickener, high concentration of the thickener, water and a dispersion stabilizer Chi, fast and thickened lubricating coating designed for textile printing process.
Composition: Acrylic Copolymer
Nature: Appearance: White viscous liquid Solid towers Volume:> 60% Ion: Anionic Viscosity: <3000cps gravity: ~ 1.1
Features: Excellent color yield and vividness, printing effect, duck outline clear, impermeability of high thickening effect, can quickly adjust the rheology and viscosity of the printing paste, printing paste can be added directly to the soft, very easy to use, does not contain a wake, non-APEO, comply with Oeko-Tex l00
Application: Reserve pulp preparation before adding water, high genetic mixing, slowly add paint thickener PTF, stir into a smooth, no lumps of paste. Another time a large number of high shear mixing will heat may result in decreased viscosity. 
Water 98.2kg
Paint thickener PTF 1.8kg
Taiwan dollars 100 kg
Direct added: As the paint thickener PTF has excellent hydrating properties, increasing towers quickly, so can be "directly into the Law" to adjust the slurry viscosity requirements depending on the machine, the proposed amount of about 1.5-2% Chi.
Storage: PTF should be stored in the original containers, or other glass, stainless steel, plastic or container with epoxy in the village. 
Packing: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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