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Deoxygen enzyme SL-2107

Uses: SL-2107 a high concentration of oxygen removing enzyme is industrial grade hydrogen peroxide is a liquid enzyme gene is modified by a long chain of self-cloning of the Aspergillus niger fermentation of the immersion. 
SL -2107 enzyme effective to catalyze oxygen residual hydrogen peroxide, so that the conversion of oxygen and water. Its only function of hydrogen peroxide, and the dye will not react.
Composition: The stabilization treatment of the enzyme products
Nature: Active 420-450BU / g Appearance Dark brown liquid Solubility completely soluble in water 
pH of 5.0-5.5 (25 ° C) Specific Gravity 1.2 
SL-2107 oxygen Baker enzyme activity is expressed in units (BU). A unit is defined as Baker 25 ° C, pH 7.0, the decomposition of one hour 264 mg of the amount of hydrogen peroxide required.
Features: SL-2107 is very suitable for the bleaching of oxygen after the enzymatic cleaning step, it must be used prior to staining. Therefore, residual reactive dye and hydrogen peroxide are very sensitive to the chemical reducing agent. 
SL-2107 oxygen scavenging enzyme with a wide pH range of temperatures, and the concentration is too high effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, it can be a variety of different symbols used in the bleaching step of the cleaning. 
Chromosome preparation time reducing the residual hydrogen peroxide addition, while reducing water consumption excellent biodegradability enzyme decomposition products (water and oxygen) does not affect the dye
Application: Process reference the product in a wide range of pH, temperature range can effectively perform their functions. 
Typical process conditions: pH 3-9 
Temperature of 30-65 ° C 
10-20 minutes the amount of time 02-0.8g / l 
After the bleach cleaning, this application is for the use of jet dyeing machine, winch, jigger, rope dyeing machines and yarn dyeing equipment and design.
Traditional cleaning methods are bleaching: Bleaching → leaching (plus reductant) → → leaching and drainage SL-2107 using a dye that is able to reduce the total oxygen enzyme step of the cleaning process, but also reduce the rinsing step, while eliminating the need for adding a reducing agent.
Recommended SL-2107 oxygen enzyme wash steps are as follows: Bleach - leaching (SL-2107 plus enzyme) - staining 
1 drained liquid bleach job 
2 put water in the dye bath, the temperature and the dyeing bath ratio was adjusted to the desired next. 
3 located between inspection pH range 3-9, the working fluid temperature is below 65 ° C. 
4 plus 0.2-0.8g / L of oxygen the enzyme to start the cycle. 
5.10 minutes after the test bath residual content of hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, if still present, the extension measured after 5-10 minutes. 
6 Once the test has indicated that the hydrogen peroxide is removed, i.e., start the dyeing process.
Storage: Sealed store in a cool, said the wind, dry place, must be taken to prevent heat, freezing or easy to fail, if the Chi under the conditions of 25 ° C, the product can be marked active for at least six months. 
Packaging 50/125kg plastic bucket
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