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Scouring enzyme SL-2106

Uses: Oxygen bleaching process scouring enzyme SL-2106 is compared with other conventional oxygen bleaching process, types of aid will be reduced to a minimum, greatly reducing the processing time, shout less fiber damage and strong weightless fabric, bleached fabric, soft, easy to wash net and leveling; product style fullness, the wear-resistant Sin, break the fiber hole phenomenon fundamentally resolved. 
Scouring enzyme SL-2106, does not contain caustic soda, used only when oxygen bleaching, only scouring enzyme SL-2106 and hydrogen peroxide. SL -2106 scouring enzyme additives to replace the traditional process of caustic soda, penetrating agents, stabilizers, sequestering agents, scouring agents, eliminate the traditional process because the side effects of caustic soda.
Nature: If the cavity enzyme alkaline-based enzyme complex with a variety of appearance: white granular crystal ion type: non-ionic 
pH: 10.2-10.5 Solubility: soluble in warm water
Features: Shorten the process time than traditional fast oxygen bleaching process to shorten the time 30-60 min, saving, saving gas, saving time and reducing labor, improving production efficiency. 
Drift to the quality of uniform, transparent, net, special agent in an oxygen tent oxygen bleaching process, to dye fabric impurities, oils after full oxidation, emulsification. Washing away the gap, the effect of inter miscellaneous thorough, whiteness better than other techniques, easily cleaned thin, water conservation, can significantly improve the dyeing levelness and permeability, alkali-oxygen bleaching process to avoid the suction base and uneven caused by defects. 
Less weight loss, feel good, do not drop the strong, not soda when oxygen bleaching, bleaching reduce consumption, weight loss rate of about 3% - 3.4%. Reduce 2/5-1/2 than the traditional process, especially suitable for cotton, cotton / ammonia mixed fabric and soybean fiber and bamboo fiber. 90-98 ° C Partly bleached cotton fabrics, feel good, do not drop the strong, the subsequent processing can reduce the amount of softener; bleached yarn winder after cheese head constantly, the hole is not easy when weaving.
Streamline operations, clean production, the process by eliminating the need for caustic soda, penetrating agents, stabilizers, chelating agents and other additives, which greatly reduce the trouble of weighing and feeding operations, which greatly simplifies the operation, while avoiding the pit weighing varieties error prone, PH value of the drift was low alkaline, color, COD, BOD lower than conventional soda production process, easy to sewage treatment, oxygen bleaching may promote clean production factories.
Fast oxygen bleaching process Varieties of cotton, flooded cotton, cotton / ammonia, hemp and blended fabrics, yarn bobbins, hank equipment: high temperature high pressure dyeing machine, normal temperature and pressure overflow dyeing machine, cheese dyeing machine

1 cotton, polyester, cotton / spandex 
H 2 0 2 (35%), ml / L 5 SL-2106 additive, g / L 2-3 
Bath ratio 1:10, temperature 95-100 ° C, time 30-40min, hot water, washing. 
2 Ma 
H 2 0 2 (35%), ml/L10-15 SL-2106 additive, g / L 3-5 Chelating Dispersant, g / L 0-2 
Bath ratio of 1: 10-1: 15, temperature of 95-100 ° C, time 40-60rnin, hot water, water. 
3 cotton fabric roll continuous steam 
H 2 0 2 (35%), ml / L 30-50 SL-2106 additive, g / L 10-20 Chelating Dispersant, g / L 3-5 
Padding, steaming 100 ° C × 60min, hot water, water. 
4 cotton fabric cold pad 
H 2 0 2 (35%), ml / L 30-50 SL-2106 additive, g / L 30-50 Chelating Dispersant, g / L 2-3 
Padding, placed at room temperature 16h, hot water (95 ° C × 2min) 
5 practice, bleaching, dyeing - bath direct dye (resistance to H 2 0 2) H 2 0 2 (35%),% (owf) 5 SL-2106 additives,% 3 
Bath ratio 1:10, temperature 95-100 ° C, time 30-40min, hot water, washing.
Storage: Sealed storage, shelf life of three months Packaging: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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