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Oxygen bleaching stabilizer G-100

Uses: For cotton and blended fabric discontinuous efficient method of hydrogen peroxide bleaching stabilizer
Composition: Mixture with water to the organic acid derivative polymer Fu
Nature: Ion anion 
pH value of about 4 (1% solution) 
Acid / base stability: good ecological / Toxicity: storage, handling and use, it should comply with health and safety rules of conventional chemicals prohibited swallowing the product.
Feature Benefit
Bleaching can be controlled, good stability Ensuring excellent bleaching effect and minimal fiber damage
With scattered features to prevent crystallization and precipitation Prevent the formation of precipitates on Ca, Mq, Fe deposit fabric
Anti-catalysis Some prevent fiber damage caused by the catalytic action of metal ions
No surfactant Oxygen bleaching stabilizer G-100 can not afford to fishing, equipment operating smoothly
Can pump suction, easy to use Suitable platform for automatic batching system
Application: Applications dissolved / diluted oxygen bleaching stabilizer G-100 may be added directly to the diluted bleach bath recommended recipe 
0.3-1g / L oxygen bleaching stabilizer G-100 
1-2 g / L scouring agent 
1 -2 g / L NaOH 100% 
4-6 g / LH 2 O 2 30% 
For whitening treatment, brighteners can be added to the bleaching bath, the bath ratio 1: 4-1: 20 
Temperature of 90-98 ° C time 20-60min 
In order to ensure direct dyes with reactive dyes stability, need to remove the residual hydrogen peroxide bleaching, impurities and alkali, can change a water tank, with the following auxiliary treatment: 
1-3mL / L hydrogen peroxide remover bath ratio 1: 4-1: 20 
15 min 80 ° C, drained, washed once with water, stain - 60.
Storage: Polyethylene plastic buckets lined with plastic barrel 50/125kg. 
Stability: oxygen bleaching stabilizer at least stabilize G-100 in a sealed container at 200 ° C during the year, the product temperature of 6 ° or more sensitive
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