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Four-in-1 scouring agent CPB

Uses: Pretreatment auxiliary bleaching cellulose fibers and synthetic fibers for textile mix 
Four scouring agent CPB can make the pre-treatment process more simple, pre-treatment formula only contains three components: caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide and four a refining agent CPB. Poly-dispersed, penetration, washing, chelation and other functions for the efficient and stable before processing aids body processes can effectively streamline operations, improve work efficiency. 
Suitable for cold pad hydrogen peroxide bleaching process (CPB), used in cold pad oxide cracking process (COC), apply glue line with stacking technology (VCB).
Composition: Chelating agents, surfactants and hydrogen peroxide stabilizer complex sets of products
Nature: Appearance: clear liquid Ion: anionic 
pH: about 3 (1% solution) specific gravity of about 1.1g/cm 3 (20 ° C) 
Alkali stability: 300g / L NaOH 100% resistant to oxidants: very good, F containing APEO
Application: Chi fiber scouring bleaching bath Four forms of cellulose dissolved as scouring agent (1 5-3g / L) was added, then add 4-6g / L of hydrogen peroxide (30%.), 2g / L of NaOH, heated to 98 ° C × 40 - 60min for scouring / bleaching. 
CPB, COC, VCB cold pad-batch process, four scouring dosage of 12-20 g / L, then add 40-60g / L of hydrogen peroxide (30%) ,8-35 g / L of NaOH at 20-35 Temperature ° C for 16-24 hours in treatment
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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