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High-efficiency Cotton Cleaner SL-103

Use: This product can be used in concise auxiliary, can also be used for bleaching auxiliary. It is used mainly in cotton, polyester-cotton blend, silk cotton etc.. It can substitute caustic soda, refining agent, oxygen bleaching stabilizer, chelating dispersant agent etc., and remove pigment and wax material in the raw cotton with strength..
Composition:  Complex of special chemical body
Nature: Appearance:  Yellow powder grain
PH value: 10.5±0.5 (1% aqueous solution)
Solubility: It is apt to dissolve in the warm water. (50℃-60℃)
Ionization: Anion or non-ion
Can mix and use in various anion and non- ion auxiliary.
Quality guarantee period: Seal and keep in shade for 12 months
Use the method:  This product is high-efficient auxiliary that many kinds of functions are as an organic whole, and can simplify the operational sequence effectively, improve working efficiency. This product do not damage the fiber
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