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Kingdery DP series inkjet dyes without salt

DP series inkjet dyes without salt is accompanied by the development of digital printing and inkjet inks and consumables and the corresponding amount of usage and growing selection of existing and textile dyes and dye continually improve its performance a particular purpose. 
Product Features: 
1. DP series inkjet dyes without salt using modern high technology, no salt, non-toxic. The factory through the layers of filtration, nano-particle size has been reached, with the ink manufacturing plugs, burned the first phenomenon does not occur. Its configuration and ink-jet printers to meet the high-speed, continuous inkjet volume and other requirements. 
2. Fast, washable, abrasion, dye purity, high solubility, smooth and good. 
3. pure hue, colorful, bright color, strong sense of hierarchy, repeated washing does not fade, long-term storage does not change color. 
4. DP series unsalted inkjet dyes meet strict European environmental standards. 
5. can be widely used: cotton, silk, wool, cashmere and other fabrics. 
Tips:  This information and data information provided is for reference only, please use our users to do the relevant test products before, and based on actual use, the use of production conditions purpose, fabric type, the amount of dye, production equipment to develop reasonable.
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