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Kingdery PS active printing dye

Jin Deli PS active printing dye is a chlorine-triazine and vinyl sulfone reactive dyes and high reactivity, its hybrid dual active groups at 102-105 ° C and alkaline media saturated steam conditions, with cellulose molecules form a covalent bond fixation is achieved. 
High solubility for dusting pulping process; compatibility, and printing high reproducibility; 
Bright color, outline a clear pattern printed lines and smooth; fixing rate, enhance the rate is good, excellent printing special dark; 
Low affinity, white, floating color small and easy to wash; environmental protection, in line with the implementation of the EU textiles Oeko-Tex100 health standards. 

Fabric pre-treatment: 
Before printing, the fabric should be appropriate and scouring and bleaching. Removing residual oxides, alkali and other impurities, and the treated fabrics have a good absorption capacity. 
Paste Compatibility: 
Jin Deli PS active printing dye can now have a good alginate or alginate and compatibility, good and fixing the rate ultimately to achieve good printing results, we recommend using a high-quality synthetic paste, can achieve good printing results. 
Glue technology prescription: 

Glue the steps of: 
Placed in a container of cold water and slowly into six partial sodium phosphate and sodium alginate powder (alginate), and keep stirring until completely dissolved. Water was added and then stirred until a transparent paste, PH adjusted to neutral with acetic acid or soda can. 
Palette of materials processes: 
1 warm water discharge amount of the dye material in a small amount of cold water and stirred, into urea and resist salt S, warm water of about 60 ° C until completely dissolved. The dye solution was filtered with a sieve and stirred into the paste. Before printing the dissolved baking soda is good and you can paste into the dye. 
2 dusting method of feeding the paste into the container, and placed in a container of dye, into urea and baking soda and stir 5-6 minutes of good to resist salt S and then stir for 1-2 minutes , in a sieve to filter into the container. 
Color technology prescription: 

Printing processes: 
Printing - steam fixation - washing and drying: Oven temperature must be controlled at about 130 ° C (vapor pressure <0.2Mpa), avoid excessive drying. If not immediately printed fabric steamer, you must use the Covers cover, to avoid the formation of "Indian style." Viscose fiber in the printing, the amount of urea is 10-20%. 
Steaming fixing conditions: 
100% cotton 102-105 ° C 5-6 min viscose 102-105 ° C 7-8 minutes for the more heavy fabric steaming time to be extended. 
The first step: Step flowing cold water washing: wash in cold water 
The third step: hot wash ,60-70 ° C 
Step four: hot water wash, 95 ° C above the fifth step: soaping, 95 ° C or more, 2g / l dispersion chelator 2-3g / l soaping sixth step: hot water wash, 95 ° C above Step Seven: hot water washing ,60-70 ° C 
Step eight: wash cold running water
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