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Reactive Bright Blue

I especially recommend the latest activity turquoise HF-G200%, mainly to meet domestic demand for dyeing and finishing industry disposable upscale textiles. Through continuous technological improvements, has improved application performance Reactive Turquoise Blue KN-G, while companies with a turquoise dedicated leveler for the user to solve a variety of color-sensitive colored flowers, I was pregnant with application engineers provide excellent customer service. We recommend the activity turquoise HF-G200% better than the market turquoise HN-G products. 
Specific performance characteristics are as follows: 
Colliers copies of particle type, has excellent solubility 150g / L or more, suitable for small liquor ratio dyeing, non-traditional products when dissolved in oil viscosity and surface drift phenomenon. 
With superior salinity resistance and heat resistance, good dyeing stability, can greatly improve the success rate of dyeing time. 
With excellent fixation rate, can significantly improve the stained cotton and wet rub fastness stick, compete more effectively reduce the cost of dyeing is to enhance economic efficiency and choice. 
Other company product portfolio with good compatibility, good reproducibility and difficult to produce colored flowers. 

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