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LAS series Low alkali type reactive dyes

LAS series products my company recently successfully developed Low alkali type reactive dyes, suitable for dyeing cellulose fibers and has a very high and economic practicality. Mainly for dip process, the series has excellent dyeing properties: 
Under conditions of low alkali dyeing, dyeing rate and ease the fixation rate, thereby increasing the dyeing levelness, significantly reducing the phenomenon of color flowers. 
Fixing the amount of alkali greatly reduce the production costs and easier to clean due to the saving of energy and waste treatment costs. 
Operating process is simple, dyeing short time, improve production efficiency. 
Superior compatibility and stability, improved reproducibility and dyeing success rate. 

Process recipe: 
Dye x% (owf) 
Sodium Sulfate 80-100g / L 
Fixing base 2-5 g / L
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