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Jinguangfix HF series

HF series is our super-dark dyes for cellulose fibers and cellulose fiber / nylon blended fabric dyeing, Hu has a very high economic practicality. Mainly used for dip process can also be used pad, cold pad, black dye suitable for discharge, compared with the market similar products, this series is more superior dye dyeing properties: 
● Excellent enhance sexual compensate for the inadequate stained dark on ordinary activity; 
● fixing rate; alleviate the burden on wastewater treatment, more economical, more environmentally friendly; 
● excellent wash fastness, excellent fastness; 
● Process tolerant of large and small dependence on the dyeing process conditions, good dyeing stability; successful high productivity. 
● have the same strength, high solubility, adapt small bath ratio dyeing; 

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