Jinguangfix Dyeing dye
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2R series

Ⅰ. Jinguangfix 2R is a newly developed high compatibility reactive dyes for dip, continuous dyeing, cold pad-batch dyeing and other techniques, can greatly improve the success rate of dyeing time. 
Ⅱ. Applicable to colored dye, and in particular sensitive to the three primary colors dip (50 ° C/60 ° C) the application is very reliable and has excellent reproducibility. 
Ⅲ. Lifting force, and easy to clean. 
Ⅳ. Different hue faded (light fastness). 
Ⅴ. Dyed light with good coverage performance and levelness, reduce the "horses and horses' color. 
A red 2R 0.2% golden 2R 0.5% Blue 2R 0.3% 
B Red 2R 0.35% Yellow 3RS 0.45% Black KN-B 0.20% 
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