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HL series

HL series dye is the latest development is the sun high, high stain, high washing fastness series of dyes and a set of characteristics, suitable for natural and man-made cellulose fibers and man-made cellulose fibers like Tencel, viscose fabrics sensitive dyeing with very high economic practicality. Mainly used for dip, pad dyeing process, compared with the market similar products, this group of dyes and spend more excellent performance and low cost coverage dyeing and economic value. 
First, the product advantages
● chromatography using a wide range of color is more suitable for sensitive dye. 
● high light fastness and perspiration fastness to fill the defects of conventional reactive dyes. 
● good levelness, excellence and compatibility, and high fixation rate. 
● moderate affinity, small dyeing conditions for salt, alkali, temperature, and other dependent liquor ratio dyeing stable, reproducible, and a high success rate and advantages. 
Two, HL series tricolor compatibility: 
Prescription Reactive Yellow HL-4G (owf) 0.35% 
Reactive Yellow HL-3B (owf) 0.40% 
Reactive Yellow HL-2B (owf) 0.25% 

Third, performance 
HL series tricolor 
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