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Dispersing agent NNO-H (for dye companies)

Applicability: Dye synthesis and after treatment
Appearance/composition: Beige brown powder/Sodium Dinaphthylmethanedisulfonate (technical naphthalene production)
Main features and applications: Features: Easily soluble in any hardness of water. Resistant to acid, alkali, heat, hard water, and inorganic salt.
Applications: has excellent diffusivity and colloidal protective properties and good affinity to protein and polyarmide fiber. As dispersing agent and filler of dispersing and vat dyes. Dosage of dispersing N-H is 0.5-3 times that of vat dyes and 1.5-2 times that of dispersing dyes, some of them can be used in the commercialization of dye products as filler.
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