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Dispersing agent N-H (for dye companies)

Applicability: Dye synthesis and after treatment。
Appearance/composition: Beige powder/Sodium Dinaphthylmethanedisulfonate (pure refined naphthalene production)
Main features and applications: Features: Easily soluble in any hardness of water. Resistant to acid, alkali, heat, hard water, and inorganic salt.
Applications: has excellent diffusivity and colloidal protective properties and good affinity to protein and polyarmide fiber. As dispersing agent and filler of dispersing and vat dyes and add it with dyes to grinder during fineness processing of dispersing and vat dyes. Dosage of dispersing N-H is 0.5-3 times that of vat dyes and 1.5-2 times that of dispersing dyes, some of them can be used in the commercialization of dye products as filler.
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