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Reactive brilliant blue KN-RN of Strong-light

1. First, the characteristics of dyes                                  

1, The application technology of the dye has been extended, it is not sensitive to the temperature and applicable to 60 degrees, 80 degrees of dyeing, it also overcomes the shortcomings of the market 19# brilliant blue’s hydrolysis when it is dyeing in a high temperature, it gets the optimum dyeing match when it is dyeing together with 21# turquoise blue in 80 degrees.

2, The excellent uniform dyeing performance makes reactive brilliant blue more stability, hydrolysis resistance, resistance to foaming, salting out resistance, no color stains and color flowers, no color changing after soaping.

3, the nylon color fastness can enhance one level, it suitable for the brilliant colored dyeing of cellulose fiber and cotton fiber.

2. Application performance


3. The recommendation of color matching process of brilliant blue and urquoise blue



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