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Fast pigment scarlet

Uses: Determination of the surfactant is mainly used for dispersing auxiliaries force Dispersant for general anionic dispersing force measurement is used for cotton, viscose fabric, knitting cotton fabric printing, especially for hand printing.
Composition: Ingredients: Fast pigment scarlet 3R
Nature: Appearance: Reddish brown powder Solubility: insoluble in acid, slightly soluble in water and ethanol, in alkaline solution was orange. 
Stability: easy to absorb moisture deterioration.
Features: Stored in a sealed state, stable. 
Use side so, stirring case, adding quantitative sulfuric acid solution, can make fast pigment in the trans-cis diazonium salt into a heavy ammonia salts, and even with the color of phenol red synthetic azo dye particles of insoluble SUI
Application: Pigment Red 3RS Hao fast hoop, 60g / L Weigh fast pigment red 3RS 69 (weighed to 0.01g) g in a beaker, add ethanol 6m beating, add sodium hydroxide solution (330g / L) 60m, stir , plus a 60 ° C distilled water 88ml, and stirred dubbed 3RS fast red dye solution was filtered, cooled to room temperature, the use amount of the acid used.
Storage: Non-dangerous goods transport. 
Sealed with plastic bottles, bottle 250G. 
Storage is in a cool, dry blasting, ventilation, shelf life of 1 year
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