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Dust-proof agent SL-701

Uses: Special agent for reactive dyes dust, dust with excellent performance, while its water emulsion Dan has good heat resistance, with no delamination at high temperatures, low oil spots advantages. 
SL dust dispersion agent may help the dye to the dye quickly, reducing the dye in the dye is dissolved in the floating phenomenon. 
SL series dust powder dust control agent widely used in the dye, the workplace can reduce dust, reduce the pollution of other dyes and fabrics, the plant has a role in environmental protection.
Composition: Surfactant complexes
Nature: Appearance: (25 ° C) colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Ionic: anionic color: (gradner) <5 Moisture: (%) ≤ 1.5 
Emulsification: (10% solution in distilled water): stable PH value: (10% solution in distilled water): 6 ± 1
Features: SL 701 type dust agent has good heat resistance, so it can be added directly to the dye puree. 
SL series anti dusting agents, dyes according to the level of the dust used in the production of the different processes. Excessive dosage can lead to blending the bonding phenomenon, and affect the liquidity of the dye. 
SL701 type dust agents are usually kept with a mixer at the outlet of the drying dye through the high-pressure spray nozzle with people meter mixer
Application: Broom is usually recommended by 0.5% -1%, the specific amount due to different species vary. 
SL701 type dust dosage AATCC Test Method 17-1989 can be used to test, or to filter by GB/T6693-1997 standard to be able to achieve a minimum amount of dust levels
Storage: Shelf life SL701 type dust agents should avoid exposure to the sun, storage temperature ≤ 50 ° C, under conditions permitting Qian conditions, storage time is best controlled deposit within 60 days.
SL series dustproof agent using 170 kg or 100 kg drums big mouth plastic drums. SL series dustproof agent by ordinary chemical storage, non-toxic, non-hazardous.
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