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Abstergent LS

Use: Abstergent LS is that fine abstergent and calcium soap spread pharmaceutical, Suitable for the only washing and permeating of advanced wool fabric, can get good feeling, and have good function to the fabric printed and dyed with reactive dye.
Nature: Ion: Anion
Appearance: Beige powder
PH value: 7-8
Stability: Able to bear the hard water, acid, alkali, able to bear the electrolyte generally, able to bear boiling, but can not be used hypochlorite solution.
Active content: 65%
Spread strength: Standard product 100±5%
Washing strength: Similar with standard product
Quality guarantee period: Seal and keep in shade for 6 months
Use the method:  To that the calcium soap is dispersed, washed, permeating and spume has fine performance, there are good emulsification, level dyeing and flexibility.
Apply to dyeing and printing stamp the soap of the fabric and washing the craft, its consulting amount is: 
Dye the fabric: 1-3g/l 
Printing fabric: 2-5g/l
If factory the hard relatively at the water quality, it dye or before deal with well, bath than low or dye by fabrics dark, should increase consumption correspondingly.
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