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O powder

Uses: An acidic dye fixing agent general, acidic dyes can soaping nylon dyeing, color fastness to improve viscosity 1.5-2.5 rubbish, wool can be used for fixing an acid dye and effectively wet rubbing fastness and liftoff wash fastness. Can also be used in direct dyes, dyed nylon / cotton blended fabric, nylon fiber has a good anti-pollution effects.
Composition: Sulfonate polycondensation
Nature: Appearance: Brown powder PH: 7-9 
Solubility: soluble in water stable walking: the resistance to weak acid, alkali, electrolytes and hard water
Features: The product was treated fabric, soaping fastness, perspiration and other prison seat greatly improved; 
Can be dyed, carried out with the fixing bath, shorten the process, a small amount of non-foaming;
YH can also be maintained after the fabric treatment process, white, effectively prevent contamination; 
High concentration of product can be diluted 5-fold use.
Application: Recommended dosage and solid color processing technology acidic solid light-colored toner dilutions for acid dyes or metal complex dyes stained: 1-2% owf 
In color: 2-3% owf 
Dark lines: 3-4% owf 
Bath ratio: 1:15 ~ 20 
PH value. 4-6 
Temperature, time: 80 ° Cx 20min 
Dyeing cloth, water added prior diluted → O powder, heating with acetic acid to adjust PH 4-6 → 80 ° C heat run 20min → draining, washing → drying
Storage: Sealed and stored at room temperature, the shelf life of six months Packing: 25kg bags
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