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K powder

Uses: Most of the fabric used for the preparation of the pretreatment or dyeing dispersing agent, leveling agent, can be used polyester, wool, polyamide, acrylic and other cellulosic fabric dyeing.
Composition: Alkyl naphthalene sulfonate
Nature: Appearance: Brown powder PH (2% concentration solution) 7.5 Ion: Anionic solid content> 92%, water content <8.0% 
Solubility: completely soluble in water compatibility: with anionic and non-ionic additives complex, stable in hard water, acidic, basic and commonly used in the electrolyte.
Features: Easy flowing, low dust, soluble in water, low-foaming dispersant prevents dyed fabric stain, the bleaching or bleaching of the fabric is not pre-processing stage, dyes enhance dispersion stability / reinforced polyamide reactive dye, Wool blend knit and acid dyes used in dyeing, enhanced with acrylic knit wool dyeing with acid dyes or cationic dye stability.
Application: K powder can be completely dissolved in water preheated to 60 after a 80 ° C, low temperature also. 
In the medium or high speed stirring, was added slowly K powder according to shorten the processing time. 
Recommend the use of 20% -40% active solution, the liquid low concentration can be prepared according to their needs.
Storage: Shelf life: 24 months. 
25/40 kg woven bags.
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