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Dispersant MF-L

Uses: Used to disperse, vat dyes and fillers for grinding Dispersant, when printing is mainly used for industrial standardization vat dyes suspension padding, leuco acid staining and dispersed, soluble vat dyes dyeing. Latex rubber industry as a stabilizer, leather tanning industry as co-agent. It can be dissolved in concrete as strongly reducing agent, can shorten the construction period, save cement, water conservation, increasing the strength of cement.
Composition: Methylene-bis-methyl naphthalene sulfonate
Nature: Appearance: Brown to black powder was dissolved: soluble in water of any hardness pH: 1% aqueous solution PH = 7 - 9 
Ion: anionic stabilizer: acid, alkali, alkaline water, salt affinity: the protein and polyamide fibers have affinity. 
Dispersing power (standard product)%: ≥ 85, sodium content: ≤ 23 Heat Stability: ≥ 120 ° C, moisture,%: ≤ 10
Application: Diffusion and protective colloid, and no penetration and foaming generally recommended dosage: 06-1 7g / L
Storage: Shelf life: Sealed dark can be stored for 6 months Packing: 40kg bags
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