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Dispersant N-L

Uses: Vat dyes for dyeing and printing industry mainly suspension padding, leuco aldehyde staining, and soluble vat dye dispersion dyes, etc.. Can also be used for silk / wool interwoven fabric dyeing, so no color on silk. Diffusion of the dye industry mainly used as additives dispersed and lakes manufacture of rubber emulsion stabilizers, and leather tanning agent to help.
Composition: Naphthalene sulfonic acid (refined naphthalene) single-formaldehyde condensate sodium salt
Nature: Appearance: Beige powder Solubility: soluble in water of any hardness Ionic: anionic pH: 1% solution PH 7-9 ionizing: acid, alkali, heat resistant, water-resistant inorganic salts. Dispersing power (standard product),%: ≥ 90 
Sodium content,%: ≤ 18 Solid content,%: ≥ 90
Application: And have excellent protective colloid properties of dispersion, without a surfactant such as osmotic blistering. Protein and polyamide fibers have affinity. 
Dispersant and dyes available from the grinding machine used to join dispersion reduction disperse dyes and fillers, dyes or vat dyes particle fineness machining. Dispersant NL dosage is 0.5-3 times the vat dyes or disperse 1.5-2 times, but also left part of the commercialization of dye filler accession. 
Restore dye suspension padding method is generally added in the bath pad diffusion agent N-L3-5 g / l, in reducing bath generally added Dispersant N-L15-20 g / l. 
Disperse dyeing of polyester high temperature high pressure dyeing generally be added in the dye bath 0.5-1.5 g / l azoic dyes for dyeing and rubbing fastness improved color rendering bath Dispersant amount of phenol is generally 2-5 g / l , color bath Dispersant NL amount of usually 0.5 to 2 g / l.
Storage: Shelf life: Sealed dark can be stored for 6 months. 
Packing: 25/40kg bags
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