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Reserve salt S-H

Uses: SH Reserve salt content is high 
The main anti-white dye used to restore color to resist printing time. Reactive printing and dyeing shade when protective agents, can also be used to repair cloth embossed with agents, dye reduction white, dyed fabric protection agents scouring time.
Composition: Nitrobenzene sulfonate
Nature: Appearance: yellow powder ionizing: anionic pH: PH value 7-9 (1% solution) 
Stability: acid and alkali resistance, hard water solubility: water-soluble Excellent Content: ≥ 90% (can diazo value) Moisture ≤ 3% 
Fineness: ≤ 5% (40 mesh / sieve residue when content)
Features: Widely used, the higher affinity for the fabric, very suitable for the impregnation process. 
Stable unique shade, excellent wash fastness with less, higher whiteness of oxides, alkali resistance stable, one-bath whitening
Application: For anti-white vat dyes auxiliaries: adding an appropriate amount of anti-pollution Reserve salt SH as an adjuvant, thus enhancing the effect of anti-white pulp. 
For copper, activity, naphthol dyes and other colored dye printing in color when rubbed protective agent, padding this 2-3 g / L solution, dried and then printed. Padding Reserve salt SH after the slight relief printing or trailing blade, the Rongalite starting with Reserve salt SH redox reaction, without the colored destroyed. In color and pattern easily discharge area larger, Reserve salt SH dosage can be increased to 5 ~ 6g / L. 
For repair fabric embossed with the agent: the amount of the Reserve salt SH (general dosage 0.1-0.2 g / L) was added water, the surface with no carved and shaped into a fine linen spendthrift printing, then steaming, so Reserve salt SH No. l pink female role to be improved. 
After steaming for reactive dyes printing shade when protective agents: the amount normally 10g / L or so, heatset and common type of mixed colors or with India, the steaming time will take longer, a greater impact on the past through reactive dyes shade , Reserve salt SH linear increase in the amount of La 15 g / L. More should be noted that when the concentration of light with a reactive dye fabric kept Montreal paste printing, printing paste must add enough of the Reserve salt SH. Prompted to offset the high temperature steam and pulp fibers brought reductive hydrolysis prevent color wilt. 
Reactive dyes for dyeing - steaming shade protection agent: Reserve salt SH can be added about 10-20g / L in the dyeing solution, to prevent color wilt. 
Yarn dye fabric for restore scouring white, protective agents: in soda scouring Reserve salt SH was added about 1.5-3g / L.
Storage: Shelf life stored in a cool, dry, ventilated warehouse, valid for one year. 
Packing: 25kg bags
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