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Flame retardant CP-1000

Uses: Applicable Chunmian, polyester and other natural and chemical fiber fabric for flame retardant finishing.
Composition: Chlorinated organophosphates
Nature: Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent mucus pH: approximately 4.0-6.5
Features: Retardant effect is good, easy to use, 
Halogen-free, odorless, non-toxic, no skin allergies, eco-friendly character sets requirements for fabric feel, strength, color and hydrophilic no effect
Application: Use durable flame retardant formulations CP-1000 40-80% 
8-15% cross-linking agent 
Catalyst 2-4%
Spray method: Direct injection to the desired flame retardant treated fabrics to contain flame retardants 40-80% (the amount noted in the fabric and requirements), available after dry good flame effect. 
Fabric directly Padding (including rolling rate of 40-80% based on the amount of fabric and requirements may be) → drying (105 ° C) → roasted crabs (165-170 ° C3-4 min) → refrigerators, washing → drying process Precautions Before flame treatment, to remove impurities and other residues as additives to ensure that the fabric has a hydrophilic property, the effect does not affect the fuel nozzle
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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