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Anti-UV finishing agent UV-100

Uses: For a variety of fabrics and blended fabrics, with durable UV or ultraviolet shielding performance and improve some of the dye light / with sun fastness;
Composition: Of benzene derivatives
Nature: Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid pH: about 6.5
Features: Reactive polymer having a high washing performance, light stability, ultraviolet absorption and shielding properties of 180-400NM good absorption wavelength ultraviolet reflection and scattering. 
With less, high role in ensuring that appropriate structures Chi UPF fabric has a high value, 
Does not affect the shade, strength, moisture permeability. 
Strong affinity with the fiber, for a variety of processing technology, comfortable to wear.
Application: Use methods can be used padding, dipping, coating, printing and spraying process. According to the amount of fabric required equipment varies, must be tested to determine prior to use. 
1, padding process UV finishing agent UV-100 15/50 g / L cross-linking agent 15 - 50 g / L 
Padding UV solution (mangle 70-80%) → drying (90-100 ° C) → high temperature setting (170-190 ° C x 30S or 120-130 ° C × 3-6 minutes) 
2, the impregnation process pure polyester and nylon fabric UV finishing agent 2-6% and stained shaking while adding that the dyeing process and disperse the same 
3, anti-UV coating process finishes 1-4% X% slurry coating printed fabric dyeing coating chewing → → drying (high temperature baking or stereotypes) 
1, cotton knitted garments, such as the following processing methods can be used at room temperature dipping → centrifuge (residue recycling, reuse) → drying (80-110 ° C x 6-10 minutes 
2, long home needs to stir the product before use 
3, cotton / ammonia (C / Pu) can not be used on the fabric, spandex stretch affects even dissolved.
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50/125kg plastic bucket
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