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Antibacterial finishing agent A-100

Uses: Applicable to all kinds of textile fabrics, including textile fibers containing amine containing acrylic fiber textiles.
Composition: Special cationic polymer units
Nature: Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid Ion: cationic pH value: approximately 5.0-7.5
Features: Non-eluting persistent antibacterial agent, with a high antibacterial, odor, mold effect; 
The prevention of athlete's foot, jock itch, eczema, odor, odor, pruritus has a significant effect; 
AATCCl00 meet U.S. standards and Japanese JIS L1902-2002 standard; 
Against gram-negative and positive bacteria, molds and yeasts with a wide range of anti-bacterial properties.
Application: Use fabric can be processed padding, dipping, spraying mode processing, specific dosage and usage may vary weigh root processing conditions. 
Typically antibacterial agent and softener with bath processing. 
Fabric treatment: antibacterial treatment, the fabric must be water Sin clean. 
Proposed formula: (Make sure the fabric treated with 2 seconds hydrophilic / moisture exhaust performance, creamy texture and durability of the antibacterial effect) 
Padding Process: Fabric → room temperature padding (the amount of 10-40g / L, mangle 60-90%) → drying (100-120 ° C) → tenter high temperatures (140-150 ° C × 20-30 seconds ) 
Impregnation process: antibacterial agent A-100 2-5% OWF Multifunctional Hydrophilic finishing agent 20-80 g / L 
NOTE: Cotton immersion treatment temperature: 40-60 ° C x 30 min wool, acrylic immersion treatment temperature: 80-100 ° C x 30 分钟 
Specific process: fabric padding → → → drying jigger dehydration process: After soaping conducted Recipe: antibacterial agent A-100 2-5% OWF multifunction Hydrophilic finishing agent 20-80 g / L 
Proposed small bath ratio: 1:10, an average of 4 aliquots were added to the head 4, the temperature is below 40 ° C is processed so as to achieve uniform penetration. 
Caution is recommended in the impregnation process using a small bath ratio, while Chi processed cheeses, top at room temperature for 10 minutes; in order to achieve good penetration, cheeses do not get too close, the use of positive and negative direction of the flow of liquid bath.
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50/125kg shaking plastic buckets
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