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Wet rub fastness improving agent ECO

Uses: After treatment the use of reactive dyes and direct dyes exhaust dyeing method, the dyeing method for dyeing fiber Thai fiber reactive dye printing on cellulose fibers after treatment. 
The main wash and wet fastness properties is designed to improve direct dyes. Reactive dyes for dyeing and printing of fabrics, it prevents hydrolysis of dyes and dye during drying or steaming swimming shift, PH value fluctuations insensitive. 
Fiber has a very high affinity and actually dye uptake, cost-conducive environment, and can be carried out with resin finishing bath. Its effect is reproducible, giving the fabric a natural feel.
Composition: Chemical structure: a mixture of chelating agents and polymer units
Nature: Appearance: Light yellow transparent low viscosity liquid Ion: cationic pH: about 7 5 (5%) proportion:. 1.1 (20 ° C) 
General Stability: acid, alkali and hard water and electrolyte solution generally encountered in textile processing highly stable Compatibility: Can be used with non-ionic and cationic species
Feature Benefit
Dismay formaldehyde and zinc Products, environmental pollution and waste
Good levelness and swimming shift of Uniform application
Protection of reactive dye hydrolysis and pyrolysis are not on the dyeing, printing material In the case of boiling water, alkali, will not easily fade
Of reactive dyes and direct dyes swimming shift control Prevent dye swimming shift in the drying process
Steam fairly stable Solid color fastness is not damaged in the steaming process
By micro discoloration Repetition is good
Direct dye and other fabrics soaping wet fastness properties improved significantly Excellent intense washing, ironing fastness to perspiration and heat, can significantly improve soaping
Can contact directly using dye resin finishing Very good soaping car degrees
High affinity, pH-dependent low Easy to use, reliable
Exhaustion rate Less water pollution, the use of high efficiency
Does not affect the fabric feel Appropriate, natural feel
Application: Dissolved / diluted with cold water which can be diluted in any proportion backup solution can be stored for a long time the amount of its amount depends on the type and depth of the dye stained by the following methods to obtain the best results using its exhaust dyeing reactive dyes 0.25-2% direct dyes 1-3% 40 ° C-20 分钟 pH: 6-7 (acetic acid solution) 
In order to increase the package dyeing yarn dyeing, we recommend a minimum amount of 3% 
Continuous process of reactive dyes dyeing machine 10-20 g / L direct dyes 20-30 g / L 
Open width washing machine dyes 2-5 g / L direct dyes 3-8 g / L temperature of 30 ° C pH: 6-7 (acetic acid solution) 
After the printing process exhaust dyeing method 0.5-2% open width washing machine 2-5 g / L 
30-50 ° C 20-30 minutes pH 6-7 (acetic acid solution) 
Resin finishing 15-30 g / L
Storage: Storage stability: 20 ° C in a sealed container stored for one year Packing: 50kg/125kg plastic drum
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