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Chlorine-resistant fixing agent T

Uses: Does not contain formaldehyde, chlorine fastness improvement cellulose fiber reactive dyes dyed or printed fabrics. 
For cotton and blended fabric, can be a continuous process or exhaustion method processing.
Composition: Chemical composition: aqueous solution of a synthetic resin
Nature: Appearance: Light yellow low-viscosity liquid Ion: cationic pH: about 5.5 (5% solution) Specific gravity: about 1 1 (20 ° C) 
General Stability: The general amount of hard water and acid, alkali and electrolyte material stability Compatibility: compatible products with non-ionic and cationic, anionic product will cause precipitation
Feature Benefit
Improve chlorine fastness of reactive dyed or printed fabrics Excellent chlorine fastness
Can be processed together with resin finishing reactive dyes Good wash fastness
Easy to use Do not waste time down, and no processing difficulties
Minimal discoloration Good reproducibility
Minimal impact on the light fastness High reliability required to achieve light fastness
Liquid, pumping, soluble in water Easy to use, suitable for automatic batching system
Formaldehyde-free Formaldehyde-free fabrics and environmental pollution (character sets Oeko-TexStandard 100 standards)
Application: Dissolution / dilution may be resistant to chlorine fixative diluted T stir into hot, then add the processing bath. 
Exhaustion process 
1.0-3.0% oxygen-resistant fixative T acetate adjusted to pH = 5-6,40 ° C for 20 minutes continuous process 
10.0 - 40.0 g / L chlorine-resistant fixative T acetic acid solution pH = 6 padding fluid temperature 30 ° C 
Exhaustion workers Chi 1.0-3.0% chlorine-resistant fixative T treatment after printing activity Kaifu washing machine 2.0-5.0 g / L chlorine-resistant fixative acetic acid solution pH = 5-6, bath temperature of 30 ° C resin finishing 5.0 -40.0 g / L chlorine resistance fixative
Note: Resistant to chlorine country toner T stripping 
2 g / L caustic soda 56% 
1.8 ml / L 35% hydrogen peroxide 
40 ml / L Dispersant 
80 ° C for 30 min and then washed with water, and the
Storage: Storage stability: at 20 ° C in a sealed-off device can be stable for more than a year of polyethylene plastic buckets, plastic bags inside the village, a barrel 50/125kg.
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