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Deepening agent JZL

Uses: SUI change fiber surface treatment to improve the surface properties of the fibers change or improve affinity of the fiber coatings, dyes, coloring material is better absorbed fixing; another can also change the solubility of the dye in the solution, or minor changes in the structure of dyes and other methods to improve the dyeing properties. Effectively improve dye fabric color yield, exhaustion.
Composition: Cationic grafting agent
Nature: Appearance colorless transparent liquid pH: 8 Ionic: the 5th ion
Features: In the same process recipe dyeing, color yield has increased significantly and effectively to further improve the quality of fabrics.
Application: Deepening treatment process:Disseminated deepening agent: 1-5% (owf) (less coloration may base) Soda: 8-10% (owf) (used to adjust the dye bath pHl0-11) 
Penetrant: 1g / L 
Fabric or yarn put people first cold, wet processing due to join penetrant 5min; adding deep dyeing, cold treatment 10min, adding soda ash handle 10min; gradually heated to 65-80 ° C, thermal insulation 30min, turn on the water, with cold water twice.
Padding: Deepening agent JZL 10-30g / L or soda powder 15-32.5 g / L
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 6 months Packaging: 50kg/125kg plastic drum
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