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Stiffening agent FEL

Uses: Cotton wash and wear stiff agent, reducing the need for ironing, it is difficult to form when wearing and washing wrinkle India
Composition: Self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion
Nature: Appearance: Light yellow to colorless transparent liquid pH value of about 4.0-6.0
Features: High crosslinking properties: extremely high reactivity of iron effect: You can lower the baking temperature, saving energy, the available high speed running, improving efficiency, and environmental protection can be achieved without washing, after Oeko- TexStandard 100 requirements. 
Excellent wet and dry elastic: When wearing and washing it difficult to form an excellent seal wrinkle hydrolysis resistance: After repeated washing or dry cleaning can maintain good results and good compatibility: with a bath-three-step processing aids, The performance results than with poly allyl stiffening agent with the bath is better lipid
Application: Use stiff + recipe suggestions to enhance the tension stiffening agent tear FEJ 20-80g / L 
Catalyst CAT 15-30g / L 
Tear Rally enhancer CRN 15-30g / L 
Bath temperature: about 20 ° C 
Padding: mangle rate of about 60-90%
Curing conditions: Baking machine (first by a separate drying) 
A slow curing:. 130 ° C (air temperature), 2-3 minutes 
2 fast curing, setting machine (depending on the temperature setting on canvas) 
- 130 ° C (fabric cloth temperature) ,50-70 tip of 
- 140 ° C (fabric cloth temperature) ,20-30 seconds 
- 150 ° C (fabric cloth temperature) does not have to be 10 to 15 seconds, after washing
Storage: Sealed dark can be stored for 12 months Packaging: 50kg/125kg plastic drum
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