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Hydrophilic finishing agent FMW

Uses: For cotton, functional wool, silk, linen and chemical fiber textile finishing, fabric wicking effect confers hydrophilic effect, silky soft, smooth feel.
Composition: High polymer
Nature: Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid ion type: non-ionic solid content: 23% pH value: 4-6.5 
Solubility: soluble in water Stability: stable in hard water mixed: strong
Features: Within 3 seconds with a hydrophilic / wicking effect, finishing process does not affect the shade, color yield, you can directly repair some of the color of the product for stretch fabrics knitted fabrics can improve response, excellent elastic fiber, high-performance sewing Cut and pH stability, can be used for overflow, cheese dyeing equipment. 
Applicable requirements of high whiteness shake the fabric, and has a silky soft feel sticky roller and cylinder wall, there are no spots with organic fluorine silicone finishing agent with the use of anti-fouling, antifouling effect have little effect on the crease resin used simultaneously, high security
Application: Padding type: 10 - 60g / L, the optimum temperature 40-50 ° C Second Baptist two roll mill or a dip. 
Dip: 0.5 to 3%, the optimum temperature 40-50 ° C ,15-30min 
For best application results, the user equipment and fabrics combine different varieties of craft trials to select the best technology.
Storage: Shelf life can be kept sealed dark for 12 months with a polyethylene plastic buckets, plastic bags inside the village, a barrel 50/125kg
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