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Hydrophilic amino silicone SL-2306

Uses: Amino silicone polyether hire new generation of dual-modified hydrophilic silicone softeners. In addition it has a soft, smooth feel, but also gives the fabric excellent hydrophilicity, antistatic and stain resistance, greatly improve the administration of the fabric, especially for pure polyester, cotton underwear, towels, wool blend such as fabric softening.
Composition: And amino-modified polyether silicone double
Nature: Appearance: colorless transparent or slightly turbid viscous body pH: 9-1 
Solubility: Water-dispersible. Active ingredient: 100%
Application: Hydrophilic amino silicone available reactor slow or high speed blender, add water, stir, adjusted with HAc pH value to 5.5-6, general dilution to 15-30%. Using padding or dipping finishing process. 
A dipping method (the amount depending on the texture may be) 
Silicone oil 0.2-1.0% (owf) 
pH 5-6, temperature 20 ° C-40 ° C 
Bath ratio 8: 1-10: 1, the time 20-30 minutes 
2 Man padding silicone 2-8 g / L 
pH of 5-6, cold, or 40 ° C may, after rolling, drying, curing. 
Dilution with excellent stability, sticky roller, no floating oil, breaking phenomenon, washable, dry cleaning, electrolyte and hard water, shade variation is small, then keep the original fabric dyeing, because without the use of emulsifiers, so no fading phenomenon.
Storage: Shelf life: Sealed dark saved 12 months Packing: 50kg/125kg plastic drum
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