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Low yellowing diamino silicone oil SL-2305

Uses: Low yellowing amino silicone SL-2305 dual dual amino silicone micro-emulsion, amino silicone remarkable collection of soft, smooth feel, and has the advantages of high silicone epoxy amine value low yellowing, reversing the feel and the market is generally considered Both views can not have both whiteness, showing excellent soft, delicate, smooth, unique leavening, plump style, and very low yellowing. 
Low yellowing amino silicone SL-2305 Dual applied to all fabrics, especially for cotton and cotton blended performance more prominent. 
This product contains no APEO, in line with European standards, is a new, environmentally friendly softener.
Composition: Aminoethyl aminopropyl polydimethylsiloxane
Nature: Appearance: transparent microemulsion Ion: weak cation pH: 6.0 a 6.5 (undiluted) Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.0 (20 ° C) 
Solubility: soluble in cold water, hot water and ecological toxicity: This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable non-dangerous goods
Features: Excellent soft, delicate, smooth, unique leavening, plump style, and low yellowing glossy soft appearance. 
Tear strength and enhanced anti-wrinkle properties of the fabric. 
In the fiber surface with a particularly good distribution of. 
Can significantly improve the fabric sewing.
Application: Low yellowing amino silicone SL-2305 Dual can be used for dipping or padding bath 1 - 10% SL-2305 (fabric weight King) 
Padding 10-30 g / L SL-2305
Storage: Sealed and stored under cool storage environment of approximately 12 months. 
Packaging 50kg/125kg plastic drum
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